If today’s sports world was asked to name a political leader who encourages sports in the state, the answer would unanimously be “the Honorable Amma”! It was only during the Honorable Amma’s period the SAF Games was conducted for the first time in Chennai in 1995. The Nehru Stadium and other sports stadium of international standards were also built during our “Honorable Amma’s” government. 

Such was the magnanimity of the Golden Heart to the sports world. Even in other states, the Honorable Amma has not only inspired many in the political arena, but also boosted the morale of millions in the sports world.  As a sports foundation we are proud and honored to use the name that is associated with such great honor. 

So, it is very apt to name our foundation AMMA Sports Foundation, because of the greatness associated with the “Honorable Amma”.

“A human being will mirror what his/her childhood has been”.

Echoing this philosophy and etching a space in the athletics arena has been the quest of Mr. Veera (alias Veera Raghavulu) right from the early years of his life. As a Graduate from Madras Christian College, he chased his athletic dream by participating in state and national championships. He reached the hall of fame when he won a gold medal and created a new meet record in the inter- divisional athlete meet championships in 1994. 

Though he became a highly successful first generation businessman, he considered it a great privilege and honor to coordinate chartered flights for the “Honorable Amma”. 

His company, Universal Aviation, is 1 of the best in the aviation Industry for performing aircraft ground handling operations (both domestic and international) for all leading airlines in 28 airports across India. His success as businessman didn’t alter his spirit as a sports person. As a result, his Universal Sports Foundation now offers professional training to more than 200 junior athletes in Chennai. At present the team has won three District Inter-Divisional Athletic Championships, was represented in national and international level competitions and won medals. Its founding secretary and coach, Mr. M V Raja Sekaran, himself is a national gold medalist in the 110 meter hurdles. He has received the Best Coach Award from the golden hands of “Honorable AMMA”. 
Carrying this torch further and fostering the sports culture, Mr.Veera with his fellow sports persons started the Amma Sports Foundation to encourage the younger generation to pursue sports. 


The event will begin with all pomp and show akin to world sporting events. A grand opening ceremony will be conducted with the blessings of our most beloved “Honorable AMMA”, at the iconic venue of the Nehru Indoor Stadium.


In India, even as there is lack of sports infrastructure, there is also a dearth of recognition and encouragement of young talents. The primary aim of ASF is to provide a platform for the young ones to show case their talents and revolutionize Indian Sports. ASF will act as a catalyst to fulfill their dreams. The coming generations should find a career in sports and represent our state in the national and international sports arena. 


ASF plans to bring out talent from the grass roots level and honor those hitherto unsung heroes. For this very reason the event will be kick–started simultaneously at all 32 districts in Tamilnadu. This will provide an opportunity for the aspiring athletes to represent their own team of champions who will become contestants at the finals which will take place in the state capital – Chennai. Apart from the medals for various categories in the games, there will be the “AMMA trophy” for the year 2015 for the best performing district team. 


ASF stretches its limits, in an endeavour to reach out to each and every group in the society and accommodate them under its wings. As a result ASF has included a Special Category Event which will be conducted for the differently abled and special children, headed by Mr. M. Pandian who was awarded for participating in FESPIC Youth Game 2013 held in Honk Kong. He has represented our country, in several international events, including in the USA, as team head and coach. ASF will set a new benchmark for other states where an independent organization conducts athletic events in such a holistic manner! 


After this remarkable opening, ASF has laid out a plan to be put in to action at other sports and games meets. An exclusive “AMMA Throphy” for kabadi, cricket, football, basketball, and hockey are some of the games that are in the works for ASF. This year and years after will see a surge of activities in Tamilnadu Sports and Games, which will surely place our state in the lead role for years to come. 


1. District Level
2. State Level
3. National Level
4. University 
5. All India University




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